Cheesemaking Regulations

Pecorino Toscano is made according to the principles of the production regulations which guarantee the product has all the required prerequisites to obtain the PDO logo. Only cheese produced, ripened, packaged and distributed according to the rules contained in the production regulations for Pecorino Toscano PDO can be defined as such, guaranteeing the excellence of the product for the consumer.

The protected designation of origin ‘Pecorino Toscano’ is reserved for a soft or semi-hard cheese, produced exclusively with whole sheep’s milk from the Tuscany Region, as well as from the municipalities of Allerona and Castiglione del Lago in Umbria and the municipalities of Acquapendente, Onano, San Lorenzo Nuovo, Grotte di Castro, Gradoli, Valentano, Farnese, Ischia di Castro, Montefiascone, Bolsena and Capodimonte in Lazio (articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Tuscan Pecorino Production Regulations).