Pecorino Toscano PDO


Rossoblu is the restaurant of the chef Steve Samson

In Los Angeles it beats a Rossoblu (red-blue) heart. The same red-blue colour of the glorious Bologna Football club.  “Rossoblu” is also the name of the restaurant of the chef Steve Samson, a real landmark for lovers of Italian cuisine in the “city of angels”. Steve’s mom was born and raised in the city of Bologna and it is right under the Two Towers that Steve’s culinary adventure begins.

How was “Rossoblu” born?
Rossoblu was created as celebration of the food that inspired me to become a chef. My mom is from Bologna and and I would spend summers there.

What is the philosophy of your cuisine?
I believe in using excellent ingredients and letting them speak for themselves. I want my food to be soulful and uncomplicated.

How do Americans approach Italian cuisine?
When people dine at Rossoblu I want them to experience traditional Bolognese food in a modern Los Angeles setting. I don’t think most Americans want modernity or innovation when they eat Italian food. They want cucina della nonna.

At the WestEdge Design Fair you cooked dishes with Tuscan Pecorino PDO. What do you think about our cheese?
I love both the nuanced, nutty flavor of the aged pecoriono and the freshness of the younger cheese. Pecorino Toscano PDO is an excellent product.

What are your projects for the future, such as culinary and something else?
Right now I’m focusing on Rossoblu and our small pizzeria Superfine, as well as spending as much time with my seven-year-old twins, Luca and Gaia.