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Fried Pecorino Toscano with mixed vegetables


Ingredients per 4 persons

  • 4 slices of fresh Pecorino Toscano, each 1/2 cm thick.
  • 8 slices of eggplant,
  • 8 pumpkin flowers,
  • 8 slices of zucchini,
  • 1 yellow pepper cut into 8 pieces,

For the dough:

  • 200 g of flour,
  • 50 g of beer,
  • 50 g of water,
  • salt to taste.


Prepare the dough, so that it isn’t too liquid, let it sit for about 30 minutes, roll all the vegetables in the dough and fry in hot oil. Finally, roll the Pecorino in the dough, fry it, arrange it at the centre of a dish with the vegetables around it and serve warm.

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